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Quilts of Valour™ OH CANADA Collection

Northcott designers Linda Ludovico and Deborah Edwards have created the fabric collection OH CANADA in support of Quilts of Valour – Canada. Several fabrics are in this Stonehenge line - and Quilts of Valour – Canada is inviting quilters across the country to make a block (or two, or more) from this line. Northcott is sponsoring Quilts of Valour – Canada through the sales of this line.

Hug Blocks

Blocks must be 9 1⁄2” unfinished; unwashed; and untrimmed. It can be any pattern, any design. However, PLEASE – USE ONLY the OH CANADA lines of fabric for these blocks. Save your other fabrics for another great quilt! Please mark your city or region on the FRONT of the block. Your name can be added if you wish.

Assembling Hug Blocks

Your blocks will be gathered and grouped for a quilt top, representing as many places across Canada as we can. Quilters, quilting bees, guilds and anyone interested in completing a quilt is asked to register to complete a quilt (see other side of this form) and we will forward a set of blocks once we have a set representing several regions across the nation. You will be expected to complete the quilt, bind and label, and make a presentation case, or pillow case to go with the quilt, just as you would any other quilt of valour. We encourage using the blocks from several regions of Canada, not just those from your guild for this project. We want to wrap our veterans and military with many quilted hugs from across the nation!

Hug Block - Information We Need

Please let us know who you are, and what part of the country you are from. We want to ensure each quilt made has blocks from coast to coast to coast!

Include this information with your block:

Your Name
Your City/Province/Region

Send your blocks to:

18604 81 AV NW.

Edmonton AB, T5T 1G1

There is no deadline – we will keep making the quilts as long as blocks keep coming in!

For more information, please email: hugsblocks@quiltsofvalour.ca.
Let us know if you would like a set of blocks to complete a Quilt of Valour.

Quilt Shops

Quilt shops are encouraged to make up a block pattern from their shop! We hope they will put together a kit of the fabrics for the quilters to purchase, along with a free block pattern!

Stonehedge Fabric