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Northcott thank you

Special thank you to Patti - Northcott

Hug Quilt Top - Basic Quilt - 60”x 72”

Finished sizes: 30 hug blocks size 9”, sashing 2”, outer border 4” (with fourpatch cornerstones in quilt corners)

Fabric A - 2 metres

If you want to use an assortment of fabrics:

  • sashing - .8M: Cut 44 sashing strips 9.5” x 2.5”
  • borders - 1.1M: Cut 9 widths of fabric, 4.5” each
  • corner 4 patches - 8 pieces 2.5” x 2.5”

Fabric B - .8 metres

If using an assortment of fabrics:

  • cornerstones and corner 4 patches - .2M: Cut 28 pieces 2.5” x 2.5”
  • Binding - .6M: 7 pieces cut 2.5” on the width of fabric

Hugs Blocks

QOV display


Step 1 - Press and inspect blocks. Check for things like tension errors, untrimmed dog ears, seams too narrow or too wide, stitches too long.
Step 2 - Square blocks to 9.5 inches. If one block is really too small, you may have to adjust all the measurements to that dimension or you can try to remedy the problem area by resewing or adding in an extra bit of fabric if possible. Just do your best. Arrange the blocks in a pleasing manner.
Step 3 - Assemble 6 rows with 5 blocks per row, by sewing the 9.5” sashing strips between the blocks. Press the seams toward the sashing strips. These are the horizontal rows of blocks.
Step 4 - Assemble 5 horizontal sashing units of 5 sashing strips and 4 2.5” squares. Press the seam allowances away from the 2.5” squares.
Step 5 - Sew the 6 rows together using the sashing strips from step 4 between each row. Be careful to butt the seams allowances opposite each other to minimize bulk.
Step 6 - Make four 4 patches with the remaining 2.5” squares, alternating contrast. Step 7 - Press the top. Measure top to bottom in 3 places and take the average measurement for side borders.
Step 8 - Sew enough of the border strip fabric (Fabric A) to equal the measurement from step 7. Divide the length of one side of the quilt top in one fourth mains, marking the subdivisions with a pin or white pencil. Do the same measurements and pinning with border piece. Sew one side border section to each side of the quilt top.
Step 9 - Repeat steps 7 and 8 for preparing the top and bottom borders of the quilt. When the top and bottom borders are measured and prepared, sew the 4 patches from step 6 to both ends of both border strips. Continue following step 8, watching the direction of the seam allowances when sewing the corner patches to the border sections already sewn on.
Step 10 - Press the seam allowances toward the border fabric.
Step 11 - From the back of the quilt, carefully press all quilt seams by lifting the iron, not sliding it which often causes stretching. Then lightly press the front of the quilt.

Binding preparation

Sew the binding strips together end-to-end making diagonal joint seams for best results. Press seams open and trim the little dog ears. Fold in half along the long sides, wrong sides together and press flat.
If you are sending this quilt top to a QOV™ Rep or other collection location for quilting and finishing, put prepared binding in a plastic bag. Make a paper label with your name and any other information you wish to travel with the quilt top. Use a safety pin to attach this label to the quilt top.

Thank you for your generous spirit and capable hands. Know that this quilt top will reach an injured person, a veteran or an active person in the Canadian Armed Forces.