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A Quilt of Valour™

A Quilt of Valour™ serves a special purpose. Quality is important.

  • If you are making or have a quilt please ensure that it meets the QOV Specifications.
  • When your quilt is ready contact a QOVC Representative.
  • You may be asked to send a photo of your quilt.
  • Our Representative will provide the QOV label and any instructions required.
  • Our Representative will also discuss the arrangements for the presentation of the Quilt of Valour™
Quilt of Valour

Suitable Cotton Fabrics Sewn in Maple Leaf Pattern

Quilt of Valour™ Notes Should be Brief

It is a privilege to live in a country that allows all citizens the freedoms we have here in Canada. Thank you for your service to our country and for your personal sacrifice in the line of duty.

Please accept this quilt as our way of saying thank you. Your quilt was machine sewn by the ladies of the name of social group or bee. The machine quilting was done by quilter name

Dear Veteran, My love for my country is offered along with this quilt. I hope it says in some small way how proud I am to be a citizen of this great land and how grateful I am for your commitment to protecting our rights and freedoms. Being Canadian is the best freedom of all. From my family to yours, Thank you.

This is for any injured Member of the Canadian Forces past or present. This is my way of Supporting our Troops. I hope you find comfort with it and know that someone back in Canada cares.


Quilt of Valour™ label with,
Recipient's name, ID No., Date presented and quilters’ names

Finished Quilts of Valour™ Ready for Presentation

Quilts of Valour

Finished Quilt

Quilts of Valour

Finished Quilt