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A Quilt of Valour™ is a Tribute to an injured CAF Member past or present

A Quilt of Valour™ is a "hug from the nation" to an injured CAF Member or honoured Veteran who has served and made sacrifices for our country. The quilt standards must reflect the level of gratitude that we want to demonstrate to the recipient. Quilts of Valour™ can be made by individuals, social groups or quilting bees. In all cases we request that these standards we have established are followed to ensure that a high quality symbol of gratitude is presented.

When you give a completed Quilt of Valour™ it speeds delivery to a CAF member.

Quilt of Valour™ Dimensions


A Quilt of Valour™ must be a minimum size of 55" by 70".

Quilt of Valour™ Design

Maple Leaf

A Canadiana theme is a good choice. We have seen many maple leaf quilts and they are stunning! The red/white or traditional looking patterns always work but are not a must. Please select fabric patterns that are suitable for a CAF member, choose colours and patterns carefully.
Refer to our page of patterns that have been made available to QOVC quilters and our Photo Gallery. Our quilters have posted their quilts on our Facebook. You can get good ideas from previous quilts.

Quilt of Valour™ Fabric Quality

Quality in workmanship is a must. Please select 100% high quality cotton and ensure the sewing is going to stand up to repeated washings, tuggings and huggings. Sew a quarter inch seam allowance (not scant) when piecing your quilt. Cut off any loose threads as non-quilters will pull them out and maybe even the seam too.
Tied and rag quilts will not be accepted. No re-purposed fabrics or prints unsuitable for adults.

Quilt of Valour™ Backing

The backing fabric should also be of good quality cotton fabric, cut straight and, if seamed, the selvage edge trimmed from the seam. Wide backing fabrics are available and are often more economical to use.
If you are sending the quilt out to a long arm quilter to be quilted remember the backing should be 6 to 8 inches wider and 6 to 8 inches longer than the quilt top.

Quilt of Valour™ Batting

We recommend cotton or 80/20 cotton/poly batting. Polyester should be avoided, but this is not always possible. Please read this article for more information.

Quilt of Valour™ Washing

Please do not wash the Quilt of Valour™. We want your gift to be crisp and new.

A Quilt of Valour™ is a gift from Canada. Do not add company names, email addresses or website information on the quilt or on the quilt label.

Quilt of Valour™ Label

The Quilts of Valour™ label represents a tribute that is recognized by the CAF member. CAF members look for this label as they are familiar with what it represents.

You must request the label from one of our Representatives or request by email. Please do not download this label from the website. We may ask you for a photo of the quilt before sending the QOV label.

The label will come with an ID number that the QOVC representative will have assigned to that quilt. We ask that you add the name of the recipient, the date of presentation and the quilt makers names if you know that information. This information should be written by hand using a permanent marker pen. The label must be stitched onto the quilt backing on the bottom left corner.

Please do not stitch the label right through the quilt.

No alterations or additions should be made to the label.