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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure that our injured members are recognized for their service and commitment to our country. We give this support through the presentation of quilts to comfort our past and present Canadian Forces members.

Nominate a living Canadian Armed Forces member or veteran, with service related illness or injury.

A Quilt of Valour is a single, lifetime gift from a grateful nation. We need your help in making sure the nominee has not previously received a Quilt of Valour. A Quilts of Valour - Canada representative will be contacting you to make arrangements for a presentation time and place. Please let us know if there are special circumstances that may affect the presentation (currently deployed, hospice, etc.).

The information collected in this form is used to determine if a nominee is qualified to receive a quilt of valour as defined by our mandate, and to form a record of quilts presented. The information collected is not distributed to any third party and is maintained securely by Quilts of Valour - Canada Society.

Please complete the nomination form on the following page, in full, so that we can begin the presentation process.

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