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Quilt Presentation to General Dallaire

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A month ago this weekend, my partner and I attended the Can Praxis program and received one of your beautiful quilts. I've sat with pen in hand many times to write a thank you note, but the words just never seem right.
So in the mean time, while I find the words, I thought I'd share a picture of another loved quilt. We've never owned a real quilt before and though Calgary has not had too many cold nights this year, it doesn't stop us from wrapping ourselves up in it.
I cannot thank everyone enough for the love that goes into these projects - the love is felt in every stitch of that quilt.
People came from all over Canada to attend Can Praxis and imagine my surprise to see that my thank you note is going to my old community, just a few houses from where we lived for many years. It was meant to be heart emoticon
Jill Kern Lassaline - 2015.03.04

Quilt Photo
Hello folks! I was fortunate enough to attend a Can Praxis session in Alberta this past week and became the (surprised!) recipient of a quilt of valour... I felt honoured people would spend time to make injured folks. A few years back, I received my first quilt while still in the forces and it made the journey a few times to hospital and many times to my couch when I was (and still am) dealing with my injuries. This second quilt arrived out of the blue. I was what they'd call, gobsmacked. (I'm the one in the orange blanket!) I can't speak for the lady on the left (the photo is up in the can praxis group!) but she was a little emotional when she realized folk like you did this for people like us out of the kindness of your hearts... rest assured, the quilt was immediately loved by both of us... thank you! (and a special thanks to Sheila K of Calgary for the orange quilt and to Charlotte B, who made the heart one from a few years past!)
Angela Czapiewska - 2015.02.24

Ce courriel est pour vous remercier de votre générosité. J'ai reçu, par M. Yves Dubé coordonnateur du suivi des blessés et malades du centre intégré de soutien du personnel St-Jean QC CA, une trés belle courte pointe fabriqué par Irena Wosk et Jan Easton. Cette attention particuliére me touche profondément.
Merci beaucoup
Marie-Josée Lavoie

Quilt Photo
Sandra Carlile, Thank You very much for the quilt! I just got home after our latest Can Praxis program and sat down and opened up the quilt. It's incredible and I'm speechless. Thank you and all the quilters, this means so very much. I'll post a photo of Can Praxis 1502 and their quilts soon as I can.
Steve Critchley (Can Praxis co-founder) - 2015.02.07

Quilt Photo
Recently my husband and I completed phase 1 of Can Praxis. We were given this amazing quilt made by Sandy C from Calgary. Unfortunately there were no contact details so we couldn't send a big thank you. We are both very touched to receive such a fantastic gift that touch both of our heart.
Angela Khouzam - 2015.02.06

Quilt Photo
It has taken me a long time to write this post. A year ago my Spouse received a Quilt of Valour. It wasn't something he accepted to well because he was holding on to a belief that he wasn't injured over in KAF just on a stepping stone along the way. My spouse has PTSD from more than one "incident". When he was presented the quilt in a private setting the presenter said something to him that changed his feeling on his injury and he started to accept that he was injured in KAF and that this injury will be something that he will suffer with till the end. The quilt was placed that night on the back of my couch. Every night it comes down to warm us as we watch TV. The nights he's having a bad night and can not sleep I find him wrapped up in the quilt sleeping. My quilt is not a typical quilt of valour as you can see there is no Canada flags on it other then the tag on the underside. But for someone who suffers with a mental health injury I think it is unique just like the injury. No PTSD is the same. The colours make it very up lifting after a bad day. Thank you everyone for the quilts that you make they are greatly appreciated.
Shelby Lynn - 2015.01.20">

I am just emailing this to say a heartfelt thank you. I received a quilt from Debbie Bristol in CFB Petawawa. As a soldier it is very hard to say that there is an issue that you cannot fix yourself but knowing that there is a country of loving people behind you can give someone the courage to take a knee when needed and ask for help and support. I love my quilt very much and it has helped me though some difficult nights and days. It is one of my most prised possessions and I will hold on to it forever. Again from my heart to all of the quilt makers “ THANKYOU and god bless.”
Matt Dunlay
MCpl 2 Svc Bn