It was the first time I had ever received a tangible gift other then a thank you, or hand shake, here and there, which I appreciate and take with pride every time from our fellow Canadian Citizens!
We do what we do because we believe in what we do and it is an Honour to be Canadian and represent our values for all here in our home land and abroad.

Adj/WO Yan Davey

Presenting QOV Quilts

We have quilts going out to our armed forces bases, rehabilitation hospitals and veterans homes right across the country.

We do not know who will receive the quilts, as that information is private.

However, we are hearing back from the CAF members and we know they are being received and treasured.

I have my share of medals and commendations and have always been honoured and grateful to receive them. However, the feelings that evening were somewhat overwhelming, I truly felt appreciated by people I have sworn to protect. I was also at a difficult time in my life when not too much mattered anymore. You gave me hope with what you may see as a simple gift of appreciation. I want you to know that it was much bigger and you contributed to healing the soul of a lost soldier.
Charlie Young