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Quilts of Valour - Eligibility Criteria & FAQs

Quilt Presentations are ongoing as Public Health measures permit throughout Canada. We continue to accept nominations for future presentations. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through the changing restrictions.

Quilt of Valour Nomination FAQ's
  • 1. Who is Eligible for a Quilt of Valour (QOV)?
    To meet the QOVC eligibility, Canadian Armed Forces members (veterans and serving members), regular or reserve force, must meet one of the following conditions: 1) Have served in a combat or peacekeeping mission including theatres of war. Or 2) Have become ill or injured as a result of their service to Canada, at home or abroad. Only veterans who have been Honourably Discharged are eligible to receive a Quilt of Valour.
  • 2. Why can’t we have a surprise presentation?
    A QOV is an award to recognize an individual’s service and sacrifice to Canada. It is not a gift or a present for surprises, birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, or other celebrations. This award has been earned and recipients are nominated based on their selfless service. Surprise awards are not permitted out of respect for the nominee. This limitation is designed to protect the serving member or veteran from a potentially unexpected emotional episode or medical issue. Some individuals just do not like surprises of any kind.
  • 3. Why aren’t QOVs presented on birthdays or other special occasions?
    A Quilt of Valour is given to an individual in recognition of their service and sacrifice to our Country. As such, it deserves a proper, respectful presentation ceremony. Birthdays, anniversaries, retirement parties, and other such occasions are associated with gift-giving, and send an incorrect message that QOVs are gifts, which they are not.
  • 4. Can the person I nominate say ‘No’ to a QOV?
    Yes, they can. The decision to accept a Quilt of Valour is entirely up to the nominee. If they choose not to accept it, we respect their wishes and ask you to do so as well. Should the nominee, in the future agree to accept a QOV, a new application will need to be completed at that time.
  • 5. When will the Quilt of Valour (QOV) be presented?
    Quilt nominations are generally presented in the order in which they are received; however, individual circumstances such as an urgent medical condition or another immediate need are also considered. Once received, nominations are sent to volunteer Representatives in the area closest to the nominee for presentation. Some areas of the country have other factors that affect presentation priorities, (e.g., large urban areas with high numbers of veterans, areas with or near military bases, or areas that are remote or distant from the closest representative or presenter, etc.). As all QOV's are hand made and donated by volunteer quilt makers this affects the availability of quilts for presentation.
  • 6. How do I check on the status of my nomination?
    To follow-up on your nomination, please email your contact information, along with the name of the individual you have nominated to Please be aware that it may take several days to respond to your inquiry while we determine the status of your nomination.
  • 7. Can I get a replacement QOV?
    No. Due to the steady and increasing demand of our handcrafted Quilts of Valour, we are unable to provide recipients with a replacement quilt if their QOV becomes lost, stolen or damaged.
  • 8. Can I nominate a service member from another country for a Canadian QOV?
    No. Quilts of Valour Canada does not present QOVs to veterans of another country.
  • 9. Are QOVs presented on Remembrance Day?
    Remembrance Day is the national day set aside for all Canadians to remember and honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. As a sign of respect, we set aside this one day when no one receives a QOV.
  • 10. Are Quilts of Valour presented posthumously?
    No. Only eligible, living veterans or active Canadian military members may receive a Quilt of Valour (QOV). QOV’s are also not presented to family members or loved ones in memory of someone who has served in the Canadian military.
  • 11. Can I drape a casket in a Quilt of Valour (QOV)?
    The proper symbol to honour a fallen veteran is the draping of the Canadian Flag over the casket. Out of respect for our flag and the veteran, we do not allow QOV's to be draped on caskets in lieu of the Canadian Flag. A QOV may however be displayed in a respectful manner at a funeral or celebration of life.
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