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Quilts of Valour - Canada Society - Meet Our Guest Designers

Each of our renowned guest designers have donated their time and talent to create beautiful quilt patterns that meet the criteria for a Quilt of Valour. They have generously donated all profits in support of Quilts of Valour so when you purchase their pattern, you too will be supporting Quilts of Valour.

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Elaine Theriault

Quilter, Designer, Author, and Teacher

Beads and Baubles is 60" x 76".

This 'quilted hug' design was landed upon after working through various design options for the middle portion of the quilt.

Check out Elaine's blog to read through her account of the ups and downs of the design process for this quilt, and what it was like when she reached that 'eureka' moment when everything finally fell into place, as it was meant to be.

Elaine's blog also includes a section with piecing tutorials and quilt patterns. Elaine lives in Mississauga, ON.

Beads and Baubles.PNG
Beads and Baubles-2.PNG
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